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Porsche E-Performance

Many talk about e-mobility.  But we wouldn't be Porsche if we didn't go one step further: with Porsche E-Performance.  After all, we do build sports cars - the Panamera S E-Hyrbid for instance.

It can be driven by just the combustion engine,  just the electric motor, or by both together.  This level of performance is based on the high-voltage battery with lithium-ion technology.  It has an energy capacity of 10.8 kWh and can be charged using a conventional socket in approximately 2.7 hours.*  The battery is maintenance-free and comes with a six-year warranty.

In everyday driving situations, the Panamera S E-Hybrid can typically cover 19-36 km** under electric power alone with a maximum speed of 125 km/h.

Using the Porsche Universal Charger (AC), you can charge your Panamera S E-Hybrid using a conventional household or industrial electrical outlet.  With the optional 7.2 kWh on-board charger, the battery is fully charged in approximately 1.3 hours.  The charging cable (mode 3) from Porsche Tequipment means you can charge at public charging pedistals with type 2 connections (EU standard).  All of your charging equipment can be stowed away compactly in the luggage compartment in the pouch provided.

Another giant leap forward.  For the Panamera and you.  Right into the future.   (Porsche/USA)

* Charging time: approx. 1.3 hours with y.2 kW on-board charger/approx. 2.7 hours with 3.6 kW on-board charger.

** The range of values is dependent on the driving style, traffic situation, route profile, ambient temperature, usage of auxiliary electrical devices (e.g. heating) and number of passengers or load.  This may result in the range of values being reduced.  The maximum figure was determined in the standard cycle (NEDC), which enables a comparison between manufacturers. 


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